What is Experts Live?

Previously known as System Center Universe (SCU), Experts Live Australiais a first-class community conference that lives from inputs and ideas from people who are part of the community and knows about real-world requirements and solutions. That said, we are not marketing-driven but to present the latest and greatest content with the best speakers. Sessions are presented with lots of live demos and can go technically deep, mainly down to level 300 or 400 (advanced and expert). Attending Experts Live gives you ready-to-use knowledge and allows you to connect and build long-term relations with speakers and attendees from all over the world.


Held for the first time in 2016 as System Center Universe (SCU) and the response was overwhelming! This year we are expanding to a 2-day event with great pool of international speakers who will be sharing their top secrets, best practices, tips & tricks with you!


Experts Live Australia is a technical conference for administrators, engineers, architects, project managers and other technical-oriented people that are focused on Microsoft products and technologies. Less technical oriented people can still benefit from the conference by getting a broad overview of problem-solving solutions and of course by connecting to exhibitors and community specialists.


Good matrix for cloud services!Pretty good. Interesting and relevant topics to most businesses.Good presentations. Good contents.Very interesting demos and contents. Well done! This conference has been fun. Thank you!
Lab session and hands on would be very much helpful.Keep up the good work…Amazing contents. Great job.Great sharing!
Sessions are relevant with my current work.Good presentations and demonstrations are good and easy. Just not enough timeGood sessions which highlight all the problems in the cloud era.Great and powerful talk.
Fabulous! Overall is good!Resourceful. Perhaps the sessions need to have longer time allocated.Very very satisfied… period.The demos are great…10 x likes
Interesting sessions and good speakers. Overall event is well organized. Thank you for organizing.Very useful demonstrations and good presentations.Good speakers.Very lively and awesome demo.
Keep up the good job!An eye opener for me. Good interactions between speakers too! Enjoyed the sessions.Overall it’s good and able to learn new things.Good exposure.

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Dates for the the next conference have not been finalised yet