Daniel Apps

Solutions Architect

Specialising in the Hybrid and Private Cloud space today, Daniel began his IT career in a government organisation as a System Administrator in 1999.

Moving into the managed services area having success in roles such as Systems Engineer and Infrastructure Engineer, a passionate focus on IT infrastructure began to show. From there Daniel began operating as an independent consultant for over 5 years until, in 2009, a good home was found at Vigilant.IT.

Daniel’s current technology focus includes Microsoft System Center suite, Windows Azure Pack, Microsoft Azure Stack, Microsoft Cloud OS for hosters and Microsoft Azure.

My Sessions

Tomorrow: Azure Stack. Today: Azure Pack

Conference Hall 2

Awaiting the big release of Azure Stack? Come and learn how you can implement Microsoft’s existing cloud solution, Azure Pack, today. We’ll start with the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of becoming the Cloud hero inside your organisation for on-premise cloud, reveal which resource providers exist today for Azure Pack, before unveiling insights into Azure Stack ahead […]

Datacenter Track