David O’Brien

Senior DevOps Consultant

You love automation? I do too. My background is very much Microsoft technology, but having moved across into a more cross-Platform/DevOps role I am now pretty much platform agnostic, although much more comfortable on Windows.
I am a 4-year Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management working with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS cloud technologies.
If it can be automated, I like to work with it, mostly with Windows PowerShell. I usually try to be on top of new tech, so just talk to me about whatever tech interests you, I’m very open minded 🙂

Also, I’ve got a Pilot’s License, don’t mind talking about that as well (a lot!) 😀

My Sessions

Hey Slack, where’s my flight? Azure Functions in action.

Conference Hall 1

“Serverless computing” is the new hype, but what does it actually mean and how can it be used in real life? This session will introduce the concept of serverless computing, explain how it can be used already and give actual value without much effort. Demos will show how Azure Functions can be integrated into ChatOps […]

Cloud Track