Kieran Jacobsen

Technical Lead - Infrastructure & Security

As the Technical Lead for Infrastructure and Security at Readify, Kieran has a wide range of responsibilities – from the automation, maintenance and deployment of internal systems, to ensuring that our customers infrastructure remains safe. Kieran describes himself as a jack of all trades, and has worked closely with development, operations, database and security teams, leading to his unique view on integration and collaboration.

Kieran is the the maintainer of a number of PowerShell modules, open source contributor, and maintains the Posh Security Website.

My Sessions

Ransomware 0, Admins 1

Conference Hall 2

The truth is that money can’t buy security just as it cannot buy happiness. Ransomware has become a cybercriminal’s most profitable enterprise, and something that IT professionals and even the general public now fear. Ransomware is actually pretty simple and unsophisticated code, and at times the damage can stopped with some simple tricks. Best of […]

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