Marc Kean

Azure Architect

Marc Kean has been working with the Microsoft Cloud (Office 365 & Azure) for the past 5+ years. He even did himself out of a job at one stage where he migrated all companies servers & services up to the Microsoft cloud and as a result they didn’t need his personal services anymore. He took the valuable and highly advantageous skills learned and moved into an Azure Architect role where he fit in perfectly. Another year passed and Marc was awarded Azure MVP due to his unique attitude and entrepreneurial traits towards Azure. Marc is slightly unique to this day and age, Marc started over 20 years ago at the very bottom working on an IT helpdesk, he then worked his way up through the various levels of the IT ranks to where he is now, as a result Marc has a good overall understanding of the entire IT landscape.

My Sessions

Operations Management Suite is your best friend

Conference Hall 1

OMS (Operations Management Suite) – what is it, why you should you care and how easy it is. I’ll run though a brief presentation, then I will run through a series of demos where we will set it up from scratch and then have heaps of fun by breaking things to see the power or […]

Cloud Track